Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Final Edition


The bags are empty and the washing is done (though not put away) we’ve had 2 sleeps in our own bed and I’m waiting for the jetlag to hit me tomorrow (it hit day 3 last trip … but I could be lucky this time) so while my brain is functioning I’ll do the last entry for the Euro 17/18 trip.

I’ll start with Christmas … we hoped for a white one but didn’t get it.  Never mind!  Those of you who know me well, know I am a bit of a Christmas Decoration tragic so here are some photos of European Christmas decorations.  No pics I’m afraid of the box full I brought home.  Because they have access to ‘greenery’ that holds up in the cold (and doesn’t have to contend with 35+ degree temps) the Europeans do decorations so well. 


And they do flowers – lots of flowers, potted, in bunches, and the florist shops are divine.  I could look at them all day and never tire of it.

And they do lights

My friend Anne called this the ‘Coffee, Cake & Churches Tour” … so for Anne and the rest of you who like cake …. Drool over these!

Great coffee pretty much everywhere ... and plenty of chocolate

Everyone lucky enough to travel comes home with mixed feelings about some parts of the places they went.  We came home with mixed feelings about Prague in particular.  Yes, it’s a magnificent city with glorious historical buildings and magical views but it is also a city with a major problem with graffiti.

Europe doesn’t provide you with those wonderful opportunities for ‘lost in translation’ signs like Asia does but there were a few shop names that gave us a giggle or two.  And there were churches with fabulous names.

Then there are the ‘did I just really see THAT!’ moments you just have to take a picture of.

This really was in a shop window in Bad Kreuznach ... and it wasn't the only place we saw guns in shop windows

And then there are these … specially for our friends Lenny & Amie who take fabulous photos of doors.  We tried hard to get the whole rainbow but I think you’ll agree there are some corkers here in any case.

 This one warmed my heart ... outside the French Australian Museum in Villers Bretonneux

It wasn't T'shirt weather but these two caught my eye...

So there you have it … Purplegirl & Beerman’s European Adventure.  Fifty four days, 13 cities, lots of villages & towns, we’ve had a ball, met up with wonderful friends along the way and seen more than we ever dreamed of.  Thanks for coming along XX