Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bugger, bugger, bugger!

Seems we are destined not to get a decent visit to Cambodia.  Everything was planned, air tickets booked & paid for, accommodation sorted & Tony goes off to play indoor cricket with the boys from work.
Innocent looking slip & fall and he's having surgery for a smashed knee-cap and in hospital for a week.  There goes our trip! I'm playing nurse, taxi driver and the whole bit!

Full leg cast has now been replaced with a full length brace - no bending for 6 weeks & then the fun begins ... rehab is not going to be fun.

Lauren is going to Germany for a year starting in June so we're busy planning 5 weeks at Xmas.  A white Xmas with Dagmar & Matteus in Mainz then a big lazy lap of Germany including NYE in Salzburg (expensive hotel to compensate for the lost Cambodia trip!) and a side trip to Ypres to see some WW1 memorials. 
He is absolutely NOT going to be doing anything more energetic than playing scrabble between now & then!  But first.. we have to get through the 6 weeks for the knee to heal and then the rehab.  Our goal is for him to be walking without crutches or a walking stick by the end of November.

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