Friday, January 4, 2013

Bells & a baby

The 3pm bells of St Sebaldus church are ringing outside our window.  We’ve had news from home that Cindy & Daniel (Tony’s nephew and his wife) welcomed a baby boy into the world last night Aussie time and we put Lauren on a train to Wurzburg and onwards to Berlin at 2pm.  Much as we’ve loved having her with us, it’s nice to have some space … last time we spent 15 days in her company was when she was still at school!

The walk from the station to our hotel was only about 20min … easier & quicker than taking a train then a bus.  The Agneshof Hotel is at the top of the Alstadt not far from the Kaiserburg.  It’s a lovely friendly hotel with free wifi.

After checking in we wandered back into the shopping precinct.  It was raining lightly & we’d forgotten to bring the umbrella so we bought another for 2.95euro.  This part of Nuremberg is where the world famous Christmas Markets are held and is surrounded by old churches & the streets are cobbled.  You get the feeling it is really old but most isn’t … 90% of Nuremberg was flattened during WW2 and has been rebuilt … some using reclaimed materials, others with new.  In either case, it is a really beautiful city, and not as insanely crowded as the Munich old town.

There were two things we needed to sample in Nuremberg .. the first was Lebkuchen (made in Nuremberg and not a copy made somewhere else) and Nuremberg Bratwurst … little grilled sausages.  Dinner tonight ticked one of these off the list.  We ate at a little place just round the corner called the Goldenes Posthorn, a cosy little place that claims to be the oldest wine restaurant in Germany having been founded in 1498.  Tony had the snags & I had schnitzel (since I’m not a big fan of sausages) … both were excellent.

Tomorrow we’re getting the 36 tour bus to visit some of the sights.
I haven't been able to upload photos for the last couple of days .. will keep trying

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