Sunday, April 13, 2014

On foot through the Old Quarter

Day 9 Getting Lost in Hanoi

We are heading to Sapa on the train tonight so we had to check out of the hotel this morning.  Can leave our bags here but no coming back for a nanna nap mid afternoon. We’re back now sitting in the lobby waiting for our pick-up to go to the train.  Stuff to take to Sapa has been transferred to the blue backpack (which came over inside the burgundy one), supplies for the train have been bought and we're both a bit stinky since there is no opportunity for a shower - probably a good thing we are not sharing a 4 berth cabin with other travellers.
Today was spent exploring the Old Quarter – this time with camera so tonight’s blog is simply going to be a pile of captioned photos.

Hanoi Cathedral was packed to overflowing for the Palm Sunday service

Waterproof power-points... Hanoi style

We stopped for a coffee near the Lake - at the table next to us a family of little Vietnamese kids spotted a pair of little Danish kids ... both totally amazed by the differences in hair and eye colour


Shoe street

Who needs to go to Bunnings when it will come to you


Stationery street
Home décor street

This little old man (opposite where we had lunch) was doing his daily exercise .. arm swings ... he was going when we arrived and was still going when we left


Cat napping 

Lantern street

How this guy stayed upright going round the corner I will never know

Aussie WH&S guys would have a coronary if they could see some of the work done in Vietnam

Plants to go ... by bike

Tourists taking a cyclo ride round - the strange thing is that they all seem to end up with this strange look on their faces - half bored/half embarrassed ... if this is how they feel - why take the cyclo ride in the first place

Flower street

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