Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It all must end....


Last Day in Siem Reap

Just a lazy day for our last day in Cambodia.  We had lunch with Suwan, Kim and their girls at the Khmer Kitchen.  Little Rithiya is a doll – 17 months old and as cute as a button but totally overwhelmed.  She had never been much further than their own ‘yard’ before and the sounds & sights of Pub St plus two strange people was a bit much for her.

SpongeBob goes to Cambodia .. anyone surprised?
Some of you know we have been supporting big sister Rithika through ‘english school’ since our first visit here in 2008.  Our Trip Advisor friends Travelkat and Traveltom have become firm fans of his too and we both recommend him carefully and subtly on the Cambodia forum.  Suwan and Kim are saving for a block of land – tired of having two kids (including one teenager) in a one room ‘apartment’ and today they got a helping hand to make that dream come a little closer. 

 Tonight we’re having dinner with Lynn & Michael at the Green Star Restaurant .. a fabulous little place that returns all profits to support the Green Gecko organisation – another of those wonderful places that makes a huge difference in the lives of street kids here in Cambodia.

And there is a storm coming ... is this the end of the dry season .. I hope so.

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