Monday, December 11, 2017

Let there be light

Day 11 – A wet day in Amiens

We’ve been pretty much on the go the whole trip so far so today was a bit of a down day.  We saw the Cathedral yesterday and ‘m very pleased we did because today saw the yukkiest weather we’ve had so far.  We woke to news of widespread snow all over northern Europe – my friend Leonard posted pics of snow induced transport chaos in Amsterdam, and we saw Atlantic coast storms on the French news this morning. 

We headed into town after breakfast and #1 on todays agenda was to find the Europecar depot, confirm our booking and figure out how we were going to get from the depot out onto the road north to the WW1 sites we wanted to visit minimising our risk of turning onto the wrong side of the road.  On the way we passed the local high school - the playground noise was exactly the same as I get at home.

By now it was raining quite heavily so after a coffee stop we bought a couple of cheap plastic ponchos and checked out the display at the Information Centre, and I picked up another Somme Map.
This accomplished we thought we’d have another wander around town before heading over to the Jules Verne House, only to arrive just as they were closing for lunch.  Sopping wet from mid-thigh down we decided to call it quits on the wandering and head back to the aparthotel and knock off a couple of loads of washing (the joys of suitcase living).

Out again late afternoon for the Xmas Market and dinner.  The market stalls here sell all kinds of food including this stall which had a dozen kinds of salami, and the guy next door selling nougat 

After dinner we got todays absolute highlight – the ‘Chroma’ light projection on the façade of Notre Dame cathedral.  I know when we were in Amsterdam and did the cruise of the Light Festival there I made not so positive comparisons between what we were seeing on our canal cruise and Vivid – and I’m going to do it again, only this time I am absolutely full of praise for the show tonight.  It had started to rain/sleet and my hands were freezing (I can’t take photos on my phone through gloves) but the show was nothing short of spectacular … and every bit as good as the Harbour Bridge projections during Vivid – check out the photos (and the video/s I’ve put straight up on Facebook)  I'm disappointed that these photos really don't do this amazing projection justice.

We pick up the car in the morning and head off on our 3-day WW1 odyssey – stay tuned.

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