Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 1 in Laos - Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang Day 1
Arrived 11:30am from Bangkok on Bangkok Airlines using our Air Pass – a full service airline so we got breakfast.  Views over the countryside pretty amazing.
In less than half an hour we had got our visa on arrival, cleared immigration & customs, changed some Aussie dollars into Kip and were on the way to town.  Taxi cost 50,000kip (about $6.50AUD)

A little detour via a similarly named guest house and we arrived at Villa Chitdara – what a little gem.  One street from the Mekong & one back from the main street.  Everything in walking distance, friendly staff and our room faces the street so we can watch Tak Bat - the morning alms procession.

Out on a wander round town to get our bearings, lunch at alittle place facing the Nam Khan incuding Beer Laos cost about $8.  Walked round to where the Nam Khan meets the Mekong and then checked out a couple of Wats.  I had taken a long sleeved shirt to cover up but I continue to be amazed at the number of young women travellers who go in wearing thin strapped singlet tops.

It is monsoon season so it is hardly surprising that a big storm had been brewing all afternoon and hit just as we headed out for dinner.  It came in really quickly and we had to take shelter in a little restaurant to put on the ponchos. Finally after taking them on two previous trips we get to use them.  Much merriment among the restaurant staff and patrons when Tony managed to put is on back to front and had the hood covering his face.

Dinner at Café des Artes in the main street then to the night market.


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  1. a little pissed as i just wrote a big long reply and then the cat walked on the key board and managed to erase the whole damn thing. So here goes attempt number two! The back to front poncho im sure will be on catwalks in milan in no time dad! very stylish. shame to hear about the rain, but it brings back some lovely memories of a certain rainy evening quite some time ago in vietnam. Sounds like a lovely place, hope your enjoying the sun and warmth because its bloody arctic over here! little wilma had a frosty face this morning. Trace misses you both terribly, and she has finally stopped crying all the time but still waggs herself in half when i get home from work. The beastly boy has managed to come stay a whole two times HAZZAH! but its ok i have small, fat and furry to keep me company. Hope your drinking lots of your precious beer and having a wonderful time, hope to hear back soon. Love beastly child #2