Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 17 .. Battambang to Phnom Penh

We've just checked into the Blue Lime and from what we've seen in the last half hour, thisplace thorougly deserves its reputation.  Just amazing!

The bus trip from BB was typical of buses everywhere in Cambodia.

We had 2 episodes of Khmer Comedy before some videp clips of crooning young men and weepy young women.  Then a movie - not that we could follow it but the hero was a young monk, the bad guys were a group with a fat little businessman, a zorro, a rambo and a the guy from Pirates of the Caribean.  The good guys also had an Islamic famiy and a Christian family.  There were shades of Forrest Gump when the young monk carried the old monk (like Forrest and Lt Dan).  Quite a production, lots of things getting blown up by fireworks - all a bit strange.  Sometimes you can follow a foreign language film by the story, but not this one.  The only consolation was that there was no singing!

The 9am bus left at 9.40am and we stoppd about 11 for a 'comfort stop' - the men along the fence-line the ladies - well I didn't need to go so I have no idea what it looked like.

About 2pm coming through Kompong Trach it started to rain, by the truckload, really heavy rain.  The driver slowed a bit - maybe because the big crack in his windscreen was making it difficult to see.

We arrived at the Sorya bus station about 3.30 and Monin was there to meet us.  We'd got his number form a fellow Trip Advisor member and had phoned him last night to arrange the pick up so we didn't have to pass through the rugby scrum of touting drivers.

Still raining but the verandah off our room is undercover and the breeze is lovely.  Blue Lime is really central so we'll wander out for dinner a bit latre.

The lovely little fellow on reception has just rung to confirm he's booked our bus tickets for both the to Kampot leg and the return from Kep trips.  What service!

It's great to be back in PP!

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