Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 9 We LOVE Vientiane

Problem last night with internet connection – we could gat on to the Sala Inpeng network but they were not connecting to the internet.  The lovely little lady at the front desk rang & I spoke to the manager.  She came to our room about ½ hr later and said Manager would see us today.  Couldn’t solve the problem so I headed for a coffee shop with free wifi.

Breakfast is served on the verandah or each bungalow.  Simple – juice, fruit, croissant & coffee but very peaceful.  Headed out about 8.30 – walked up to the presidential palace then up  Rue Lane Xian towards the Patuxay.  Stopped enroute at the Talat Sao market/mall/shopping centre.  A combination of Sorya Mall in PP, and Sungai Wang in KL and plenty to see and do.  Wandered there for a while through fabric shops, electrical outlets (including a shop selling domestic & industrial sewing machines and overlockers) millions of gold sellers, shoes (if you had feet smaller than a size 5) clothes and anything else any respectable person would want.

Continued up to the Patuxay – pretty impressive building – such a shame though it has never really been finished.  Fabulous views from the top but inside the tower itself is still blank cement with a bit of graffiti.  It really wold be something special if it was cleaned up and even painted.  The ‘park’ around it is pretty and has some of those ‘only in Asia’ signs including one which reads “no passing a grass’ – I suspect that should translate as keep off the grass!

Then off to find some lunch.  There is a little bunch of ‘outlet’ shops along one of the main roads so we stopped for a quick look and I am not the owner of a purple Jimmy (Ainsley are you reading this!)

Lunch near one of the many Traditional Textiles & Handcraft exhibition/stores then back for our afternoon Nanny Naps.  More to come.

Still having trouble accessing the internet from our hotel so am currently sitting sipping an iced coffee and a café that has free wifi – it is not beer-o’clock yet.  Will probably have to add to today’s offering tomorrow when I bring the laptop for a walk.

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