Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 20 ... It's raining again (sorry Supertramp!)

The little tuk tuk man Tony booked yesterday turned up at about 9.30.  We’d paid our bill, finished breakfast and were ready to go so he put on his raincoat, rolled up his pants and zipped us into the back of the tuk tuk.

The road out of Kampot is rutted & pot-holed – almost tuk tuk eating sized so we bounced and sloshed  our way for about the first 15 minutes.  The further out we got, the heavier it rained but the actual road surface improved.  Passed rice fields, some bring ploughed, sothers planted – now THAT is back breaking work, others obviously planted within the last few weeks.

Assorted versions of wet weather gear on the riders of motos that passed us, including a small boy in the front seat who was completely wrapped in poncho – head not sticking out the hole, and the whole thing ‘stuck’ to him by the wind/forward motion of the bike.

It’s a slower trip in wet weather and we arrived in  Kep about 10.30am, and as we expected the little tuk tuk struggled mightily to get up the hill to Kep Lodge.  Down to first gear, plenty of revs but only one occasion where the driver had to add foot power.

There appears to be another guesthouse building on either side of the road below Treetops and Kep Lodge – will have to ask Dan what’s going in there.  Kep lodge is expanding too with another 2 story bungalow being built between pineapple and Dan’s own house.

The gardens have grown enormously since we were here last April, and there are a number of new taff, but otherwise it is just as we left it.  As a bit of a tech head, Dan has installed a web cam looking over the pool, so if you feel like having a look just google  Kep weather webcam.

We walked down to have lunch at one of the crab restaurants and were just about to order when we were hurriedly moved because another wave of storm/rain was coming.  It had cleared by the time we finished and we were able to walk back without testing out our $3 Luang Prabang umbrellas here.

Hope this weather clear a bit – don’t mind at all if it rains every afternoon but if it continues to rain all day we’re going to get a little cabin fever because there is no way I want to ride a moto down to Ha Tien in the rain.

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